Volunteers are an important part of our multi-disciplinary team, offering comfort, support, friendship and presence to our patients and their families at an important stage of life. As a volunteer, you can make an impact with a few hours of your time a month and your willingness to be present during someone’s final days.

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Volunteer Opportunities:


Provide a personal interaction, comforting presence, and small moments of joy. Companions can also offer caregiver respite and/or practical help around the home.

Hospice Hounds

A registered therapy animal and their human teammate provide a calming, friendly presence, and are known to reduce stress and anxiety. Hospice Hounds volunteers must have a pet registered for volunteer work; we can provide referrals to get you started on this process.


Offer comfort and support tailored to a patient’s needs in the final days and hours. Vigil volunteers also offer respite to caregivers, giving them peace of mind that someone is present while they are unable to be by their loved one’s side.

Vet to Vet

Offer a unique ability to relate and connect with fellow veteran patients, either as a companion or while conducing veteran pinning ceremonies.


Assist behind-the-scenes through a variety of administrative, clerical, technical and/or other support.  Available at our branch offices, M-F 8am-4:30pm.

Want a more personal glimpse of what volunteering may entail? Read more from the following volunteers: Molly, Genny, and Judy & Arlo.

All volunteer roles offer a flexible schedule at a location convenient for the volunteer, and ongoing guidance and education to ensure volunteers are comfortable and effective in their role.

Contact us today to find out more about the process to joining our team!  Call 1-877-300-1672 or fill out the form below to request information on becoming an Ecumen Hospice volunteer.

“Thank you so much for all the care you provided Jerry during his hospice journey, and helping us through this very difficult time. You are truly a blessing in life, and it’s been a privilege and honor to have had you in our lives. – Ecumen Hospice Family”

We Appreciate Your Support!