Determining whether to begin hospice care can be a complex and challenging decision. But the sooner hospice care begins, the sooner people experience the empowerment of choosing care that honors their own needs and wishes. Hospice care is not just for a person’s last few days or weeks—they can benefit from individualized comfort and care for as long as their needs require.

When to turn to hospice care?

People may qualify for hospice care when:

  • Health care goals turn from cure to comfort
  • There is a diagnosis of life-limiting illness
  • A physician supports the decision to choose hospice

We can help you determine if hospice is right for you. Please contact us for more information, or schedule a personal in-home consultation. You can also click here to download eligibility guidelines

How long can a person stay on hospice?

Hospice care is not just for one’s last few days or weeks—you can benefit from individualized comfort and care for as long as you meet hospice eligibility criteria under Medicare standards, which can mean longer than 6 months. The hospice care team, which includes the medical director, will continue to assess your eligibility. If your health improves, it is possible that you could graduate from hospice and be readmitted at a later time.



For more information on our hospice care, call 877-311-4997 or click here to contact us online.

We wanted to acknowledge Ecumen and the staff that took such wonderful care of our mom for the past nine months. We were truly blessed, and knowing that they were looking after our mom was such a comfort to our family—this loving and caring assistance meant the world to us.

– Ecumen Hospice Family

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